XXL banner: 15 months rue St Martin in Paris


After almost 15 months of event-based advertising with an XXL banner, rue St Martin, in Paris: it’s now over! From November, 1st 2021 until January, 15th 2023, the co-owners of the 187 rue St Martin benefited considerably from advertising. Let’s take a look at this project.

Non-compliant illustration of a large-format XXL banner on scaffolding
Non-compliant illustration of a large-format XXL banner on scaffolding

The project

According to the City of Paris advertising regulations, in order to cover a scaffolding with an advertising banner, the building must be listed as a historical monument. The 187 rue St Martin is. By meeting this criteria, they could therefore consider the opportunity to cover their scaffolding with advertising.

After a feasibility study was carried out and the contract signed, DEFI Group was able to start equipping the scaffolding with advertising banners. The aim of this project was twofold:

  • To allow advertisers to communicate in the heart of Paris and reach their objectives.
  • But also to allow co-owners to benefit from a reduction of the renovation cost. In the form of royalties, the income can sometimes cover up to 100% of the final cost.

Originally the project was to last three months. In the end, due to the size of the project and the various delays, the renovation lasted 14.5 months. That is, from November 2021 to January 2023.

The 175m² banner was located on the oldest artery of Paris, between Les Halles de Paris and the Marais. In fact, it was located in a lively district close by the Centre Pompidou with its more than 3 million annual visitors. But also Châtelet – les Halles, with its more than 50 million visitors per year* and which attracts a large young population thanks to its more than 168 shops.

*Source : Sortiraparis.com

The Elorian Syndicate explains the project in concrete terms

Watch the interview of Thierry Stenard, President of the Syndicat Elorian, which is in charge of the 187 rue St Martin. Filmed 7 months after the start of renovations, in June 2022, he gives his feedback.

A review of each XXL banner in images

To sum up, what is the outcome of this project?

For brands

XXL advertising banner is a considerable advantage for a brand. These banners offer increased visibility, impact, memorability, and differentiation for advertisers as they are often more noticeable than other formats, and more prestigious.

During these 14.5 months, DEFI Group was proud to welcome 9 national and international advertisers, some of them over two months. Brands had the opportunity to reach a large number of people due to the optimal geographical location of the banner. And so, to work on their brand image, to create excitement, with the final aim to convert audiences.

For the lessors / co-owners

There are several advantages for building owners to equip scaffoldings with an advertising banner. Firstly, it generates additional incomes for the co-owners by renting the advertising space on the scaffolding. It helps to cover the costs of what takes place behind the scaffolding. Secondly, it allows the co-owners to improve the appearance of their building during the renovation.

To speak more practically, the 187 rue St Martin was able to cover 100% of its renovation costs over the past 15 months, as a result of the various brand communications.

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