Innovation is in the very DNA of DEFI Group. Since 1977, innovating have been our daily challenges. Whether it is the spectacular sizes and unique locations of our solutions, or the contents and technologies used.

An eco-responsible innovation

Pureti’s air pollution filter

In partnership with the brand Pureti, DEFI France has launched the first advertising canvas in France to reduce air pollution.

A solution made possible thanks to a product covering the advertising surface.

Photovoltaic systems

Our photovoltaic system allows us to produce at least as much energy as the consumption of the advertising device.

Producing as much clean and renewable energy as it consumes, the carbon footprint of illuminated advertising is neutral.

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Creative innovation

2D/3D deformating

Letting brands express their creativity to its full potential is one of our challenges.

Arouse surprise and curiosity, make a lasting impact on your audience by bringing movement to your campaigns with 2D/3D objects.

Painted walls

Give a unique and “never seen before” look to your communications thanks to urban art. Faced with the stress and greyness of walls, the original responses of street artists are increasingly popular!

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