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DEFI Group is composed of 6 subsidiaries.

DEFI Group has a coverage in the European Union that reaches 62% of the population. Each subsidiary of the group is rich of its teams, local products and challenges, to best meet the needs of local, national and international brands.

Aerial view of Budapest, Hungary - DEFI Group Hungary subsidiaries


DEFI Hungary’s specialities:
Illuminated advertisings; Giant advertising banners; DOOH screens

Areas covered:
Hungary, Denmark, Austria

Contact us: +36 20 555 6110

Aerial view of Madrid in Spain - DEFI Group Spain subsidiaries - Iberdefi


Iberdefi’s specialities:
Scaffolding advertising banners, Outdoor Digital Screens; Illuminated logos

Areas covered:
Spain, Portugal

Contact us: +34 91 716 02 91

Aerial view of Bucharest in Romania - DEFI Romania subsidiary


DEFI Romania’s specialities:
Illuminated advertisements; Frontlit and Backlit roof-top advertisings; Out-of-home (OOH) giant banners

Area covered:

Contact us: +40(21) 318 42 12

View of Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy - DEFI Group Italy


DEFI Italy’s specialities:
Illuminated advertisings; Stretched banner wall billboards; Stretched mesh roof billboards; LED screens

Area covered:

Contact us: +39 02 5513722

Aerial view of Warsaw in Poland - DEFI Group Poland subsidiaries


DEFI Poland’s specialities:
Illuminated advertisings; roof-top advertisements

Area covered:

Contact us: +48 22 692 70 30

Aerial view of Paris, France - DEFI Group France subsidiaries


DEFI France’s specialities:
Illuminated advertisings, scaffoling banners and giant OOH posters; Illuminated logo

Areas covered:
France, Belgium, Switzerland

Contact us: +33 1 41 40 42 00

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