Illuminated advertising


Light up your brand

Illuminated advertising is much more than just visual exposure. It’s a powerful way to make your brand shine in an information-saturated urban environment. At DEFI, we understand the importance of standing out, drawing attention and creating lasting memories.

Illuminated advertising for Pru in Poland

Why choose DEFI illuminated advertising?

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Strategic visibility

Our expertise lies in choosing strategic locations, those where your target audience frequently passes. Whether on busy urban thoroughfares, near shopping centres or on the outskirts of landmarks, we place your illuminated advertising where it will have the greatest impact.

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A unique and memorable visual imprint

A well-designed illuminated advertisement creates a memorable impression. It sticks deeply in the minds of your audience. Your logo and baseline will become an integral part of the urban landscape, establishing a unique emotional connection with your audience.

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Proven results

Long-term exposure of your logo creates a lasting impression in people’s minds and positions you as a top-of-mind brand. What’s more, when integrated into a complete media mix, illuminated advertising helps to improve brand awareness and purchase intent among the audience.

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Illuminated advertisings in a few figures*


increase in brand awareness


on memorisation


impact on purchase intention

*Study carried out in partnership with YouGov, in 2017, on an illuminated advertisement around Paris

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Combine your illuminated advertising with a spectacular banner for an even greater impact!

Sustainability at the heart of our mission

At DEFI, we are sensitive to the environmental footprint of our illuminated advertisings. That’s why we strive to offer solutions that neutralise the energy consumption of these devices, in particular by integrating photovoltaic panels.

Find out all about our environmental commitments

Why implement a sustainable strategy?

A powerful message

This approach communicates a powerful message about your commitment to the energy transition through concrete actions. This can reinforce the appeal of your brand and attract a public that is sensitive to environmental issues.

Turning words into action

Does your company hold strong values? Make a real commitment by incorporating them into your communication strategies. Show your commitment to a cleaner advertising future.

A competitive advantage

Incorporating photovoltaic panels into your illuminated advertising allows you to differentiate yourself significantly from your competitors. Solar-powered illuminated advertising is still relatively rare on the market, which means your brand can stand out from the crowd by adopting this innovative approach.

Ultimately, this differentiation can boost brand awareness, increase customer loyalty and give you a significant competitive edge in the marketplace, as well as contributing positively to the perception of your company as a responsible and innovative player.

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