Event communication: Pulze goes big in Italy


The high-tech brand Pulze is entering the Italian market with a big event communication strategy. By combining spectacular outdoor, event and digital communication, the brand is able to gain optimal visibility to gain awareness and conquer the market.

Goal: to be memorable and unique

Pulze is a brand of Imperial Brands PLC and specialises in the production of tobacco heating devices. According to their website, their product range includes advanced electronic devices designed to heat tobacco to temperatures below combustion, thereby reducing tar and carbon monoxide production.

With the ambition of helping more and more adult smokers to reduce the damage caused by cigarettes, Pulze has entered the Italian market. And to launch with panache and impact, the brand has set up a spectacular communication strategy. This strategy has two main objectives: to make itself known to the Italian population and to position itself as an expert on regeneration in this field..

360° event communication

First, in September 2022, Pulze created the event during Fashion Week. By teaming up with Giorgio Mallone, the brand has embarked on a campaign that is 100% representative of its “Not Your Usual” concept. While Giorgio Mallone revisited the classic tuxedo, the high-tech brand also shown itself with a completely new design and positioning.

Following the launch of their product, Pulze took action to amplify their “Not Your Usual” positioning throughout Italy. To complete this event-based communication strategy, they also chose to integrate themselves into the everyday life of the Milanese. And this through spectacular OOH.

Pulze, in fact, has selected several of our Milanese banners and LED screens, placed in strategic locations in the city. The campaign could be found in the vicinity of commercial and pedestrian shopping areas. Or in the vicinity of high-traffic roads or near railway stations.

In closing

The ingenuity of this communication strategy made our mediums a key element for Pulze. Indeed, Pulze aimed to make a memorable entry into the market and become the number one option to improve the daily life of Italian smokers.

A strategy that has certainly had an effect with several media coverage. But also thanks to a multi-phase communication plan where spectacular OOH plays an interesting role. In contrast to an event or digital advertising, spectacular OOH is open to a large geo-targeted population and is almost unmissable. It is therefore an excellent way for Pulze to anchor itself in the everyday life of its audience. In the future, this communication could even be renewed and broken down according to the brand’s key moments.

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