Inmode: A giant banner for a first campaign in France


Inmode, an American brand specialising in beauty care, is entering the French market with a bold advertising campaign on the Paris ring road. Discover how the use of a giant banner aims to raise awareness and position the brand as an expert in the French beauty market.

A giant banner with well-defined objectives

Inmode is a medical technology company that develops, manufactures and markets devices used for aesthetic and surgical treatments. According to their website, they focus on innovation, safety and efficiency to provide non-invasive treatment options for doctors and patients. The products they offer include treatments for body fat reduction, skin rejuvenation, cellulite reduction and skin care.

Existing since 2008 in the United States, the brand has gradually developed in several markets worldwide. More recently, in order to continue its growth and develop its expertise more globally, the brand the brand has entered the French market.

For the first time since their arrival on the French market, Inmode decided to do spectacular outdoor advertising with a giant event banner. Through this device, the brand intends to make people talk about it in order to gain notoriety and to establish itself as an expert on the French beauty market.

Why the Porte d’Italie banner?

To do this, Inmode selected the banner, with its atypical shapes, near the Porte d’Italie. The company benefits from a 360m² creation surface on which one can admire the very beautiful influencer and Miss Provence 2021, Eva Navarro.

The key location of this banner between Porte d’Italie and Porte de Choisy creates an opportunity for exceptional exposure. Indeed, its optimal visibility in both directions of the Parisian ring road and its XXL size make it an unavoidable device. In addition, with heavy and heavily slowed traffic during rush hours, Inmode benefits from almost 3 million contact opportunities.

Field report

In order to maximize the impact of its giant banner, Inmode also communicated on its social networks. This communication is part of a broader and long-term strategy. One can thus discover on their Instagram and LinkedIn, a video relating the installation of this monumental banner.

A well-honed strategy

To sum up, the Inmode brand favoured our XXL formats on the Paris ring road with the Porte d’Italie event banner in order to meet two objectives. Firstly, gain notoriety in a market that it has recently entered. Secondly, to create a presence in the real world and position itself as an expert in aesthetics in France.

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