Advertising banners – Ideal for the real estate sector

Through outdoor advertising and more specifically advertising banners, the real estate market is making a strong showing in Italy.

  • Advertising banners in network
  • Impactful communication
  • Goal: to be visible and seen
Royalty-free Pexel photo of houses in aerial view
Photo by David McBee

As everyone knows, the real estate market is a competitive sector. Whether in France, Spain, Italy or elsewhere, the various players have a notable need for visibility. The real question is: how to stand out and be visible to ones target audience?

Of course, the main thing is to have an offer that is impactful and satisfies the customer. But that doesn’t tell you anything. Secondly, you need to know how, where and when to communicate. Bu also, which channel and which message to pick in relation to which stage from your transformation funnel you wish to reach.

To these questions, we will answer that there is no right science. On the other hand, outdoor advertising combined with a online strategy will enable your brand to position itself better. Whether it’s about discovery, interest, consideration, purchase or even loyalty, advertising banners meet these different objectives.

Use cases: and Idealista

During the month of November 2022, the two Italian real estate players communicated in OOH. Alternating on different weeks, & Idealista have selected several high visibility billboards – visible for pedestrians and cars- all over Milan.

These two different but similar campaigns feature down-to-earth, clean visuals that allow for clear visibility across the city. One relies on a logo and a catchphrase while the other plays on an iconic name. The brands, already known on the Italian market, work on the first and second part of the funnel: discovery for the futur new owners and interest, to have their name remembered when the time comes. This campaign can be considered 100% relevant and geolocated to a Milanese target potentially interested by the housing market.

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