OOH campaign – Uber loves it again and again


In recent years, Uber has increasingly used OOH campaign as a means to an end. In Spain, the brand is a regular on our spectacular banners. We love to see them again and again: a look back at the brand’s latest campaigns with DEFI Group.

A regular of outdoor advertising

The pure player Uber has become an expert in outdoor communication for several years now. Integrated into a marketing mix, their communication strategy helps to position themselves as the number one VTC app. But not only that! Indeed, the brand does not only transport its customers from point A to point B, but also delivers food, through Uber eats. With a saturated competitor market, in this sector, it is important to remain visible and competitive.

Whether in North America or Europe, the brand is betting on spectacular advertising. The majority of communication and advertising experts no doubt have in mind this giant illuminated advertisement installed in 2021. Overlooking New York City, it is a pure example of the brand’s desire to be iconic, unique and spectacular. But above all, it reminds New Yorkers that it is there for them at all times.

With DEFI Group: a Spanish playground

For some years now, the brand has been making a habit of communicating in large format on our Spanish giant posters. And particularly in Madrid. Our ephemeral banners have become the ideal way for the pure player to create communications, geographically adapted to their target. Indeed, Uber is targeting lively places, such as squares with bars, market or pedestrian areas.

Through offbeat, humorous communications that are above all close to the daily lives of its customers, Uber is taking over the large format advertising. And it’s not only its VTC brand that they are promoting, but also Uber eats.

These formats give them the freedom to create and adapt their multi-channel campaigns. While they communicate broadly to the population of Madrid. This solution allows them to remind who they are, what they do and, more generally, to affirm their positioning.

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