Giant poster – Rue des Joueurs first campaign


For the first time, the Rue des Joueurs brand chose one of our giant poster on the Paris ring road.

  • An exceptional size
  • With an incredible visibility
  • And this, during the brand’s key moments.

Rue des Joueurs is an independent media for information on online gambling. It is a proper online catalogue of best practices, advice and comparative tables on, among other things, sports predictions. For the first time, the brand launched a large-format outdoor advertising campaign. This first giant poster is located on the busiest road in Europe: the Paris ring road.

The primary objective of this operation is to make itself visible in order to gain notoriety. Thus, DEFI Group suggested the banner near Porte d’Italie. Firstly, for its incredible visibility in both directions of the ring road. Secondly, for its giant space of 360m² allowing a larger freedom of expression.

Why communicate now?

It is no secret that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar is currently being played until Sunday 16th. This event means a rise in sports betting.

As you may have guessed, this is the ideal opportunity for a sports media to communicate now. The brand wants to talk to a wide target audience, in order to raise awareness towards the brand. But it also wants get on the enthusiam bandwagon in France and more precisely in Ile-de-France.

Thus, this giant poster perfectly meets the brand’s objectives. It also benefits from the generous and extremely slow traffic during rush hours.

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