Giant advertising poster – Volkswagen think big!


To mark the launch of its new vehicle, Volkswagen chose to communicate on a giant advertising poster. A powerful campaign that uses the strength of large format advertising on the Paris ring road. While combining the ingenuity of a PVC-free banner.

The concept

The Volkswagen car brand is bringing out its iconic van, but in a completely new design. The new ID.BUZZ Cargo is the new generation van for professional mobility. Inspired by the Bulli, this neo-retro van is the ideal combination of practical, ecological and economical. In fact, Volkswagen is communicating its first fully electric van.

An advert that lends itself perfectly to being displayed on the Paris ring road. Especially since this section of the ring road is an area where the traffic is regularly congested. Used as a complement to a wider strategy, this advert helps the brand communicate about the main characteristics of the van.

A special poster

This banner is not just any advertising poster. Firstly, its size of almost 600m² makes it an unmissable element. Secondly, with a visibility of more than 500 metres from the ring road, the message can only be seen.

This poster is even more special because of its composition. Indeed, in order to be in an optimal environmental approach, the installed advertising poster does not contain Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC). This is a considerable advantage as it is 44% biodegradable and more recyclable than a traditional banner.

Why does this giant advertising poster exist?

This poster covers the scaffolding on the Avicenne Foundation. The building, which belongs to the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris, is currently being renovated. As it is a listed building, DEFI Group is authorised to put up an advertising banner.

This allows the CIUP to collect loyalties for the duration of the renovation works. And, thus, it contributing to the renovation of the building. In addition, the poster protects the scaffolding, with a 50% trompe l’oeil space and a 50% advertising space for the benefit of brands.

Watch a behind-the-scenes video of the set up process

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