Giant advertising – Dorna takes the plunge


In October 2022, the Dorna brand chose giant advertising for its event-based campaign. This media choice is part of a wider communication campaign aimed at the Romanian population.

Dorna is a Coca-Cola company owned brand. Produced locally, this Romanian mineral water claims to be natural and essential to life. The brand has been communicating its values for several years now. But with the current challenges, Dorna wanted to advocate its position towards nature.

Through a 360° campaign, it asserts its need to fight for a cleaner nature. As a bonus, it invites Romanians to join the cause. How? By buying a Dorna bottle, customers contribute to the maintenance of Romania’s rivers. A promise that is being kept through the implementation of systems to protect the country’s waters, as shown in the post below.

In order to illustrate this campaign and to communicate it to as many people as possible, the brand chose our advertising banners. It is on Ion C. Bratianu Boulevard, near the famous Unirii Square in Bucharest that the brand is located. On the corner of an important, high-traffic intersection, Dorna picked three giant posters.

A triple format that creates a triple visibility, from several avenues. This is a tremendous opportunity for the brand to work on its image by showing its values, officially, to the public. In addition, the media aims at influencing sales and thus contribute to the cleaning of rivers.

To conclude in a few words, it is a giant advertising campaign with a double objective. First, it has the intention of gaining awareness and then conversion. And this, sprinkled with values and the beauty of nature.

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