Event banner – llaollao works on brand image


In October 2022, llaollao launched its communication on our event banner in Madrid. An audacious and humorous communication that got themselves talked about in the Spanish newspapers.

Why communicate with an advertising event banner?

Llaollao took advantage of the banner, in Gran Via, to make a strong statement about their identity. And this at a crucial time of the year (for the brand): National Yoghurt Day. Celebrated every year on October 21st, the national day highlights the benefits of this beloved product.

The brand has repeatedly announced being tired of people thinking they sell ice cream. So, they took advantage of the event to remind Spaniards, with a lot of humour, that they are all about yoghurt. As a consequence, they launched their campaign with a 35-metre high event banner, arousing the grammar purists through an original campaign.

“llogur con “ll” de llaollao” translates into lloghurt with the “ll” of llaolao. A rather well thought-out catchphrase that might irritate some, but will make others laugh. What remains certain is that the campaign has succeeded in being noticed and remembered.

The banner is ideally located close to their flagship shop, just a few metres away. This campaign is reinforced by a wider digital and OOH communication, in several cities of the country where the brand is already present.

A successfull brand image campaign

By seeking to perfect its brand image, llaollao has succeeded. Thanks to their offbeat and well-planned communication, they managed to get people talking. Indeed, various Spanish media picked up the story, such as :

llaollao lanza su nueva campaña con una lona en el centro de Madrid ↗

Restauracion News: llaollao launch its new giant with an advertising event banner in the centre of Madrid.

llogur, con ll de llaollao

El economista: lloghurt with the ll of llaollao.

La lona gigante de Llaollao que deja las cosas claras

Marketing News: The llaollao giant event banner that leaves things clear.

An event that was furthermore pushed by a communication, in several steps, on llaollao’s social networks. Firstly, the campaign starts with a post showing the banner and the goal of the campaign, characterised by a hashtag: #somosllogur. This was followed by several posts, filmed in the street, to give an experiential aspect to the campaign, using micro-trotters. A campaign that reflects fully the state of mind of the Spanish frozen yoghurt brand.

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