Illuminated advertising: Rebranding for RTL


The European TV channel RTL is launching a rebranding campaign in Hungary using illuminated advertising in the city of Budapest. The campaign aims to strengthen RTL’s presence in Hungary and improve brand awareness and credibility for their new streaming platform.

Rooftop advertising: complementary to a 360° strategy

In 2022, RTL started its rebranding through the launch of its streaming platform RTL+. A massive event that aims to position them as the streaming market leader in Hungary by offering country and platform specific content. With the aim of communicating this rebranding on a massive scale, the brand chose two of our products for a period of three years.

In addition to their visual impact, illuminated advertisements are also backed by a 360° communication campaign to reinforce their impact. In particular, RTL+ uses TV, radio, outdoor (such as banners) and online platforms, aiming to reach a wide audience.

A rebranding that bets on premium illuminated advertising

The two illuminated advertisements, designed to be visible from a distance and to make an impression, change colour between day and night using RGB technology. During the day, the classic colours of the brand are used: midnight blue, light blue and purple for one and water green, midnight blue and red for the second. At night, a range of colours scrolls randomly for both. These ads are premium locations, with specific benefits for each.

Árpád Bridge – North Zone

The first illuminated advertisement is located at 22 Róbert Károly Street facing the Árpád Bridge, in the northern part of Budapest. It has full coverage of this area, which is growing rapidly with the development of many offices, headquarters and companies. It is also clearly visible when passing the bridge, and benefits from high traffic volumes.

Széna Square – In the heart of Buda

The second illuminated advertisement is located at Széna Square in the heart of Budapest. Formerly occupied by Bayer, it is on an important artery, at the intersection of Széll Kálmán tér Avenue. The advertisement is also close to one of the biggest shopping centres in the city: Mammut. In addition, it benefits from a very high traffic volume due to the heavy traffic. But also due to its proximity to the metro, tram, bus and Déli station.

In a nutshell…

In short, this rebranding campaign is based on 360° communication in addition to premium rooftop advertising. It aims to strengthen RTL+’s presence in Hungary and establish its leading position in Hungarian streaming. This long-term campaign reinforces the brand’s positioning and helps it to become permanently anchored in Hungarian daily life.

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