Advertising on scaffolding: interview with the Elorian syndicate


A few months ago, we told you about the hidden side of scaffolding advertising in Paris. These giant banners allow not only brands to communicate, but also flat and building owners to get royalties. In order to understand the real benefit of this approach, we interviewed the Elorian Syndicate.

Contextualisation: what is scaffolding advertising?

During renovation works, it is possible for an advertising agency to equip a building or monument listed as a historical monument. On the scaffolding, a banner, of unique dimensions, is installed. 50% of which is a reproduction of the decor and 50% is advertising.

This banner can only be used within certain constraints such as :

  • Explotation of the banner cannot extend beyond the end of the renovation work.
  • Owners cannot collect more than the maximum amount of the renovation work.

Through this approach, advertisers have the opportunity to communicate in premium locations in cities. The lessors (syndicate, owners or co-owners) receive royalties of up to 100% of the total cost of the work.

In addition, this giant poster allows the city to be covered. Thus, hiding the greyness of scaffoldings, which would otherwise be coated with a bland and neutral coloured banner, generally not adapted to its environment.

For more information on these advertising banners, you can read the article on this subject: here.

Feedback: watch the interview

We met Thierry Stenard, President of the Syndicat Elorian and manager of the building at 187 rue St Martin in Paris. How did DEFI Group help the Syndicat Elorian? What benefits did Mr. Stenard and the building’s inhabitants gain? What were the steps to be taken ? How to make the renovation work profitable through advertising?

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How to make your renovation work profitable through advertising?

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