OOH banner – AppTaxi is on display in Milan


App Taxi communicates in Milan by OOH banner. Thanks to large-format OOH and several locations throughout the city, the company is committed to communicating as closely as possible to its audience.

It is in the city of Milan, Italy, that the AppTaxi application chose to take several of our large format advertising banners. The objective: to communicate to tourists and milanese about their app.

This is a mobile app that allows you to hail and pay for a taxi, in one place. By collaborating with various local companies, it is possible to easily travel in several major cities such as Milan, Rome, Florence and Venice.

Be where your audience is

It’s no secret that in marketing and communication we are taught that a good campaign is one where you know your audience perfectly. Once you know who you are addressing and what you want to achieve, you simply have to find the right media to meet the demand.

Milan is an extremely touristy and it is a competitive city in terms of travel services. Between taxi companies and VTCs, the choice of the milaneses or tourists is to quickly turns to the one that has the most visibility.

Thus, in order to stand out, the application is partnering with the taxi company Taxiblu in a local campaign. To this end, several OOH advertising banner have been installed throughout Milan. For instance, they can be found in the districts of Ticinese, Navigli, Porta Nuova, Porta Venezia, Porta Romana and Portello, among others.

By mapping different areas of the city, the brand ensures optimal visibility to an audience likely to use taxis. In addition, the repetition of the visuals is beneficial to a higher recall rate by both pedestrians and motorists. Naturally, this also has a positive impact on the brand’s image over time.

In conclusion, AppTaxi offers itself an effective and practical large-format OOH campaign to work on its brand image with an urban and tourist audience.

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