A DEFI pizza van to help Ukrainian families


In order to support Ukraine, DEFI Group is proud to support a project with a double objective: to provide food aid while creating a warm and jovial atmosphere for Ukrainian families.

Pizzas for a good cause

The birth of the project

From Scotland, Harry Scrymgeour and his friends went to the Polish border of Ukraine to provide emergency aid.

After spending a few weeks there providing first aid in the town of Medyka, Harry and his team realized that there was a great need for help in the refugee shelters in Poland and for IDP in Ukraine.

So, they came up with the idea of serving pizzas and so they did after buying a truck for this purpose. Due to the success of this foodtruck and through the Siobhans Trust Association, others were purchased including 2 refrigerated trucks, allowing them to cover all the free zones in Ukraine.

A successful operation

One of the foodtrucks remains based most of the time in Lviv, while the others are constantly on the move to serve all the free regions of the country. Until a few days ago, the foodtrucks were scattered between the areas of Ivano-Frankicsk, Volyn, and Kharkiv.

The team consists of 3 trustees who manage the whole operation. 4 volunteer operatives who organise a rotation of volunteers, who are present for 1 to 6 weeks to help out.

The whole operation enables thousands of pizzas to be served throughout the free zone of Ukraine. Thus, allowing refugee families to enjoy free food and a moment of relief in a friendly atmosphere.

How does DEFI Group play a role in this?

When such a project was announced, it seemed important for DEFI Group to collaborate. As part of the Siobhans Trust expansion project, we donated a van.

The DEFI van contains four pizza ovens, allowing it to serve hundreds of pizzas per hour. The vehicle also allows volunteers to escape quickly in case of imminent danger.

A few words from Mr. Scrymgeour:

It is always an extraordinary privilege to serve these people and we are extremely grateful to have the support of DEFI who are already helping us to provide a much higher level of service.”

Does this project touch you and wish to contribute to it? It’s possible!

The Scottish team is always looking for motivated and energetic volunteers to join them for a few weeks on-site. You can contact them via their Instagram page or by email: info@siobhanstrust.uk

If you can’t make it there, you can also contribute by donating to the Siobhans Trust.

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