Haier x DEFI: A Historic Partnership


With 20 years of trust, we at DEFI Group are proud to have worked with the Haier brand for so many years. Since early 2000, through different formats and with the aim to fulfil different objectives, the household appliance company continues to renew itself through different types of media and communication campaigns. Those are evolving but always impactful campaigns shared between advertising banners and illuminated advertising.

Once upon a time… Haier enters the French market

Already well developed in China since the 80s and 90s, Haier, the household appliance brand, launched in France at the beginning of 2000 to market its large appliances. At the time, in 2005, the brand’s ambition was to gain awareness and become the number one brand in its sector.

To achieve this objective, it was first necessary to develop their reputation. To do so, Haier decided to use illuminated advertising, among a larger communication plan, on the Paris ring road. This is how the partnership between DEFI Group and Haier began, near Porte de St Ouen, with the need to reach the largest possible audience on the busiest road in Europe. And so, to anchor themselves in the minds of the French, or at least, of the Ile-de-France people.

Gradually, Haier continued to grow, still with the ambition to become number one, and thought about its communications differently.

Different media, different objectives

When they launched in France, as mentioned above, Haier had a strong need for gaining notoriety and therefore visibility. The choice to invest in illuminated advertising was a logical and strategic one. Illuminated advertising allows a large audience to be reached en masse and repeatedly.

For all those years, the brand kept betting on its illuminated logo, sometimes changing the location or style. For example, in 2007, the brand moved from Porte de St Ouen to Levallois. Thus, a visibility that got enriched and a new portion of the ring road reached, which allows to approach a varied population. Notably because of its proximity to multiple headquarters and the northern suburbs.

From 2008 onwards, advertising banners have been added to their illuminated advertising plan. The brand bets on two different objectives here:

  • Awareness: by continuing to make itself known and to generate a positive feeling.
  • Consideration: to make users of the ring road want to buy their household appliances.

Indeed, the spectacular size of the event banners makes it possible to get a message across in a creative way, that makes a lasting impression. As DEFI locations are on an highly powerful axis, the brand benefits from millions of contacts per month. The combination of the logo on one hand and a banner with a clear message on the other, helps improving the recall rate.

A well-honed mass media strategy

Over the years, Haier has become a significant brand on the French market. In addition to a wider communication plan, in 2017 the brand chose to move its logo to one of the most impressive locations on the Paris ring road.

Indeed, after being in St Ouen and Levallois Perret, the company finds itself on the heights of the 18th arrondissement, on a tower strategically selected for its impressive size and effectiveness of impact over 3km. Whether from the ring road, the A1 motorway or the RER B line to Charles de Gaulle airport, millions of Parisians, inhabitants of the Greater Paris area and tourists are reached by this medium.

Combined with this spectacular media, Haier also expresses itself three times a year on our banner near Porte d’Italie. An opportunity for the brand to communicate on key moments, products and events. Haier benefits from 360m² of creative space that generates a strong impact thanks to its visibility in both directions of the ring road.

Retrospective of the Haier banners from 2008 to today

Sum up: 5 key information

  • Since the early 2000s, the Chinese household appliance brand Haier has entered the French market with the ambition of becoming number one in its sector.
  • To achieve this objective, Haier has chosen illuminated advertising on the Paris ring road with DEFI Group.
  • Over the years, Haier has continued to develop its reputation by investing in various communication media. In particular, by using advertising banners to work on two objectives: awareness and consideration.
  • The brand has changed the location of its illuminated advertisements several times, from Porte de St Ouen to Levallois and then to the 18th arrondissement of Paris, in order to reach a very large audience over the long term.
  • In addition to this spectacular display, the brand continues to communicate three times a year on an advertising banner at Porte d’Italie to highlight its products and events. A banner that generates a strong impact with visibility in both directions of the ring road.

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