Advertising banners: communicate during your key moments


How can advertising banners help you communicate about your key moments? Why integrate them into your strategy? What are the benefits of communicating seasonally on the most important moments of the year?

Why include advertising banners in your communication strategy?

Most companies communicate almost exclusively through digital tools. A choice that can quickly lead to constraints. Indeed, the digital landscape is more and more saturated by the different actors communicating on digital tools. Also, it is now easier to dodge these ads through ad-blocks or specific orders (e.g. YouTube). Thus, working with large format outdoor advertising is a perfect complementary option to online strategies. This way, you will be in contact with your audience each moment of their day. The power of this media allows for unmistakable visibility, during the day and evening, on high-traffic routes, and for long periods of exposure.

To include this media in your strategy, there are a few things to consider:

  1. Does it fit your target audience?
  2. What is your goal?
  3. Which message do you want to get across?

The target audience

There are two types of advertising banners:

  • The temporary banner helps with the renovation of a listed building or monument and is generally located in cities.
  • The permanent banner is installed on buildings on of major roads (such as the Paris ring road).

These two types of tarpaulin often reach different targets. One is more urban and touristy and the other is much wider depending on where it is installed. Indeed, communicating on the Paris ring road means communicating with a large audience from Paris and the Greater Paris area. And, to a lesser extent, tourists. Some people use this axis on a daily basis – generally going to work – and others more occasionally.

The goal & the message

In contrast to the objectives of digital media –such as a conversion goal- monumental outdoor advertising allows us to work on objectives that are more related to awareness and consideration. Such as: top-of-mind, brand opinion or purchase intention.

Added to all this is the notion of temporality. An advertising banner is a medium that is generally sold over periods of one to two months. Including the advertising banner in your annual communication strategy allows you to book, in advance, the ideal location to communicate your key stories.

Are you launching a product soon? Are you working on your brand awareness in the long term? Do you need to make your products and services better known? Do you want to talk about your news? As many possibilities that can be answered with giant advertising banners.

Haier use case

An advertising banner to serve which goal?

Haier is a brand of household appliances and kitchen products that has been present on the French market for several years. In a context where there are many players in this sector, it is important for the brand to remain visible at all times to the inhabitants of Paris and the Greater Paris area.

In addition to their illuminated advertising near Porte de la Chapelle and as part of their 360° communication strategy, Haier communicates on a seasonal basis three times a year. This strategy allows them to work on awareness, purchase intention and brand opinion objectives.

Which advantages to this solution?

Thanks to this permanent presence on the ring road, Haier offers itself daily visibility with the illuminated advertising. As well as an impactful and targetted visibility with the advertising banners, three months of the year.

In fact, the chosen location is close to Porte d’Italie and thus benefits from strong traffic. This, especially during peak hours, with approximately 2.7 millions contacts per month. Furthermore, as the media is located in the south of Paris, Haier has almost total coverage of the ring road, by being present in the north and south.

What other solutions for seasonal communication?

Other advertisers also decide to communicate on a regular and seasonal basis by combining the power of several banners.

In order to ensure a total coverage of the ring road, it is also possible to communicate simultaneously on several banners. Get the same message across multiple locations or create customised messages according to your geographical target. That way, you’ll triple your chances of being visible and memorable.

Advertising banners for Euroassurance in Paris

This is the strategy used by EuroAssurance, which covers the Paris ring road three times a year with three banners. This solution is in addition to their illuminated advertising in Paris and Lyon and their online strategy.

Find out more about the permanent advertising banners at DEFI Group

Map of DEFI Group’s permanent monumental banners in Paris

NORTH- Porte de Clignancourt

175m² of surface visible from the inner ring road. With an average of 1.8 million contacts per month, this totem banner provides an unmissable view for brands that occupy it. With an excellent visibility of more than 400 metres, it is an ideal location to target people travelling towards the A1 from Porte de Clichy.

EAST- Porte de Saint-Mande

With its 226m² visible from the inner ring road, this banner benefits from a long exposure time. Thanks to its proximity to the Château de Vincennes, it receives an average of 2.2 million contacts per month, with significant congestion at peak times.

SOUTH- Porte d’Italie

Our largest permanent banner with 360m² of creative space. This location is visible from both directions of the ring road and benefits from an average of 3 million contacts per month. An excellent communication opportunity close to stadiums, sports centres and the A6. It benefits from high traffic volumes that often slow down.

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