Why communicate in illuminated advertising?


Why should you include illuminated advertising in your communication strategy? How can it help you get more business and make more sales? We explain.

What is an illuminated advertising?

Illuminated advertising – known as Skysign at DEFI – is a tailor-made device designed to highlight a brand name and/or logo. They are typically two to five metres high and ten to thirty metres long. The particularity of these logos is that they are visible both day and night thanks to a system of LEDs installed inside the device.

What are its main benefits?

Illuminated advertising serves several purposes, such as

  • To gain notoriety,
  • Settle in a geography
  • Reconnect with your audience
  • Establish a lasting presence in a market

Thanks to their spectacular size and strategic location, close to high-traffic routes, illuminated advertisings are an advantage for a brand, whether known or not, to benefit from a large audience and thus become anchored in the daily lives of its audience.

When combined with a diversified communication and marketing strategy, illuminated advertisings have a unique impact and visibility. Moreover, their strategic location, spectacular size, strong luminosity, high repetition rate and visibility from hundreds of metres away make it an unmissable target.

Illuminated advertising: a mass medium

Choosing to invest in Skysign means aiming for maximum exposure to millions of monthly contacts. Illuminated advertisings have the advantage of existing essentially through long-term campaigns – 1, 2 or 3+ years – during which the brand is anchored in the daily life of the city and the surrounding population. Thus, it is a constant and repetitive visibility.

At DEFI, our Skysigns are located in major European cities: Paris, Budapest, Bucharest, Warsaw, Milan, Madrid, etc. This is a considerable benefit when it comes to doing targeted advertising in one or more geographies while reaching a large number of people.

A tripartite benefit

The primary benefit is for the advertiser who benefits from increased visibility and the opportunity to attract new customers or reconnect with current and former ones. Secondly, for DEFI which has the pleasure of working hand in hand with various global and local brands and thus contributing to their success.

The third, less well known benefit is converning of the building owner. The lessor rents the roof of his building to DEFI, and so enabling the illuminated advertising to be built. This, allows the lessor – public or private – to collect a rent, thus reducing the charges of the co-ownership. In France, a large proportion of these buildings are council housing: a considerable advantage for the maintenance of the premises.

To go further

If you are a brand or an agency and you want to build a project or if you own a building and want to know what is feasible:

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