Propaganda clothing: a lasting collaboration


Propaganda clothing and DEFI Italia are in a collaboration that is still going strong! Between Rome and Milan, the brand happily communicates on our giant banners in a vibrant and coloured style.

As the brand describes itself, Propaganda is an “underground network of artists and professionals born in Rome in 2006 around the figure of the multi-platinum rapper Noyz Narcos”. It is a particularly well-known brand in the world of rap and hip hop. Their presence is especially localized in Italy but it also extends to Barcelona, Spain. The iconic snake of their logo was quickly turned into something different, thus creating the Propaganda clothing line.

With shop openings in Milan and Rome, the brand launched memorable communications on spectacular formats with us in 2020. Since then, DEFI Italy has had the pleasure of regularly collaborating with Propaganda Clothing on various medium throughout the streets of Milan and Rome. Each time, these were excellent opportunities for the Italian brand to show its colours and style to highlight its collections, partnerships or simply its name.

See below some of our realisations. More about our solution in Italy : here.

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