Outdoor Advertising: WeRoad makes its way


The backpacker travel agency WeRoad works on its image with outdoor advertising. Through different formats, different cities and different countries, the company highlights its values. For instance, we find them in Rome with DEFI, among other places, with a campaign that makes you want to pack your bag and go!

WeRoad and outdoor advertising

WeRoad is an Italian company that offers adventure travel for young, or not so young, travellers. Their mission is to offer unique and authentic travel experiences, encouraging travellers to step out of their comfort zone, meet new people and discover new cultures. WeRoad organises trips all over the world: from mountain hikes, to safaris in Africa, to visits to historic cities and beach breaks.

Each trip is designed to provide an immersive experience, allowing travellers to immerse themselves in the local culture, sample local cuisine and experience unique adventures. In short, WeRoad is a company that combines adventure, cultural discovery and sustainability to provide a unique and memorable travel experience.

Challenges to be met

Due to its sector of activity, the brand faces several challenges, such as the competitiveness of the sector or the growing need for sustainable travel. Indeed, the world of travel and tourism is a very competitive sector with many travel agencies. Obviously, there is something for everyone in this sector and WeRoad fits into a new type of format: sustainable travels and made to create links by travelling with strangers and meeting cultures.

Indeed, far from the clichés of travel agencies, WeRoad aims at creating a community of travellers in which it is stimulating to travel and to share common interests. After all, whether you would travel alone or not, you’d be always accompanied.

Through outdoor communications, WeRoad works on several objectives: awareness, consideration and brand loyalty. Through convivial and dynamic visuals, the brand is already taking its audience on a journey while demonstrating a sense of community.

An international strategy

As the Italian company has five offices across Europe, it was important to coordinate communication on an international scale. So, it is between Italy, England, Spain, Germany and France that the brand launches its campaign. Through various media and formats, WeRoad is looking for one thing: to be where people are. Indeed, on average in Europe, the population spends 9.35 hours a week in transport (from Monday to Friday), which is almost 2 hours a day. This makes it an ideal opportunity for advertisers to communicate outdoors, in the immediate vicinity of main roads and public transports. Moreover, with DEFI Italia, this is what WeRoad has chosen.

In Rome, for example, the brand has selected several spectacular rooftop locations. Impressive banners, up to 72m² stature, with high visibility. For example, the location in Piazza della Radio in Rome is at the heart of a vibrant area with a rich shopping and nightlife scene. A location that fits perfectly with the type of audience that WeRoad is trying to reach. The strength of these devices is also their complementarity with other media that the brand uses, such as television in the UK.

Despite the variety of media, WeRoad remains in a continuity of communications around the same values: connecting people, connecting cultures and connecting stories. For that matter, it is made clear through a phrase that recurs in all languages: “Take your backpack, we’ll bring you new friends”, but also through friendly visuals based on photos taken during some of the trips. It is, thus, through 6,700 advertising devices that WeRoad makes its way through outdoor advertising.

The key points of the article:

  • WeRoad is an Italian travel agency that offers unique and authentic adventure trips around the world, encouraging travellers to step out of their comfort zone, meet people from all over the world and discover new cultures.
  • The brand faces challenges such as the competitiveness of the industry and the growing need for responsible and sustainable travel.
  • WeRoad uses outdoor advertising to achieve its objectives of awareness, consideration and brand loyalty, with friendly and dynamic visuals that demonstrate a sense of community and take the audience on a journey.
  • The company chose to launch its advertising campaign in several European countries, with international coordination between its five offices.
  • The outdoor advertising locations were carefully selected to reach the brand’s audience and complement other media, such as television.

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