XXL Banners: Cartier x École Militaire


July 2023: Cartier shines brightly on the renowned École Militaire. Using an XXL banners, the brand has unveiled its famous panther for maximum visibility in a prestigious Parisian district.

Prestige and elegance à la française for Cartier

This luxury brand is enthusiastically promoting its image on an iconic site. Cartier, a classic French jewellery brand, is elegantly communicating its image on École Militaire, a prestigious location. Renowned for its craftsmanship, the brand is using this communication to reflect its prestige.

Since 1914, Cartier has made the panther its emblematic figure. This distinctive identity symbolises independence and femininity. This sentiment is reflected in the XXL campaign, which is made up of two visuals:

  • First, Cartier’s panther is depicted in a desert of water, where its diamond alter ego is revealed.
  • Secondly, the animal is presented in a jungle under glass, a symbol of precision and beauty. The combination of these two elements creates a visual symbiosis of creativity and expertise.

The alliance between École Militaire and Cartier is a perfect illustration of the fusion of art and luxury. By associating Cartier’s creativity with a place steeped in history, this campaign celebrates aesthetics, innovation and exclusivity.

XXL banners as to make a lasting impression in a historic environment

In the 7th arrondissement of Paris, opposite the Champ-de-Mars and the Eiffel Tower, DEFI Group operates the banners on École Militaire. With an XXL surface area of 534 m², Cartier optimises its communication space. The two sides of the banners give the brand a voice with a wide audience. This visibility enables the brand to reach millions of tourists and residents who pass through the area every month. What’s more, it offers prestigious visibility on one of Paris’s most emblematic monuments.

July is also a key communication period, marking the start of the school holidays and attracting the first holidaymakers. In addition, the 14 July weekend attracts large numbers of locals and tourists who come to admire the military parade and the famous fireworks display in front of the Eiffel Tower, preceded by a musical concert on the Champ-de-Mars.

It’s important to remember that this event banners covers the scaffolding on the west side of École Militaire. It thus contributes to its renovation and, more broadly, to the upkeep of Paris’s historic heritage. Royalties are paid to the institution, enabling it to reduce the costs of the work.

The article in a nutshell

  • In July 2023, Cartier chose École Militaire, in Paris, for a remarkable communication campaign, using an XXL banners to promote its famous panther and benefit from optimal visibility in a prestigious area.
  • The initiative embodies French prestige and elegance, associating the luxury jewellery brand Cartier with the iconic image of the École Militaire, reflecting aesthetics, innovation and exclusivity.
  • The campaign highlights Cartier’s distinctive identity, represented by its panther. Through two visuals, the panther is presented in a desert of water with its diamond alter ego, then in a jungle under glass, symbolising precision and beauty.
  • The use of a 534 m² XXL canvas on École Militaire offers Cartier remarkable visibility, attracting a large audience of tourists and locals who visit the surrounding area, particularly during the month of July with the start of the school holidays and the 14 July celebrations.
  • In addition to its advertising impact, the event banners contributes to the renovation of École Militaire and the upkeep of Paris’s historic heritage, as royalties are paid to the institution to support the necessary work.

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