DOOH: SkyShowtime, the art of standing out with grandeur


SkyShowtime, the streaming platform, selected a giant DOOH screen to communicate in Romania. Located in the heart of the capital, this setup adds a touch of sensational to the actor’s arrival in the country.

Objective: to be extremely visible

The streaming platform SkyShowtime, a collaboration between British company Sky and American company Showtime Networks, owned by Paramount Global, has recently decided to equip itself with an impressive Digital Out Of Home (DOOH) screen to enhance its visibility in Romania. Positioned in the heart of the capital, this setup adds a touch of spectacle to the actor’s arrival in the country, capturing the public’s attention and generating buzz.

SkyShowtime’s objective is clear: to be extremely visible in the Romanian market. After its launch between September and November 2022 in several European countries, the platform chose Bucharest as the next step in its expansion in February 2023. It positions itself in direct competition with other streaming giants by offering diverse and attractive content.

To ensure an appropriate communication strategy upon its entry into this new market, SkyShowtime opted, among others, for large-scale outdoor advertising, allowing it to gain recognition through mass media, targeting a specific geographic area. This approach aims to create a memorable impact in the minds of viewers.

But why did they choose large-scale DOOH?

This setup allows SkyShowtime to deploy powerful and memorable communication. Digital screens offer brands the opportunity to communicate dynamically by displaying a sequence of images or, ideally, a video. This format has the particularity of easily captivating audiences through motion.

This choice perfectly suits the services offered by the streaming company. Thus, the platform can showcase excerpts or trailers of series or films to be promoted, and even a corporate film. By combining this display with window graphics, SkyShowtime maximizes the impact of its communication. The screen showcases the trailer of a specific program while the window display adds an event dimension by presenting key information from the communication campaign. The combination of the power of static advertising and the dynamism of DOOH aims to increase brand awareness and convert new users to the platform.

A key environment

Located in a strategic and vibrant environment, this setup does not go unnoticed for several reasons. Its spectacular size makes it a striking element of the urban landscape. The entire installation covers a total area of 664 m², with 84 m² for the screen and 580 m² for the window display.

Furthermore, it is situated in the heart of a high-traffic intersection, benefiting from an unobstructed view of the advertising setup. Streaming platforms are particularly fond of this location due to its ability to reach a wide audience in the heart of Bucharest. Just a few meters away are the Salvation Cathedral and the famous Romanian Parliament, true icons of the country’s architecture and history, attracting numerous tourists. Moreover, the display is surrounded by several hotels such as the Mariott. These are all opportunities for the brand to fulfill its visibility and outreach objectives.

In summary

  • SkyShowtime shows off in Romania with the giant DOOH screen, DEFI Romania, offering spectacular visibility to the streaming platform in the Romanian capital.
  • SkyShowtime’s objective is clear: to compete with other streaming giants by offering diverse content and strengthening its presence in the Romanian market.
  • Thanks to the large-scale DOOH screen, SkyShowtime deploys powerful communication by showcasing excerpts, trailers, and even corporate films, easily capturing the attention of viewers.
  • Located in a vibrant intersection with an unobstructed view, the imposing 664 m² screen, consisting of an 84 m² screen and a 580 m² window display, does not go unnoticed.
  • Nestled near iconic sites such as the Salvation Cathedral of the Romanian Nation and the Romanian Parliament, this strategic location offers SkyShowtime multiple opportunities to shine and reach a wide audience, thus enhancing its reputation and attracting new users to its streaming platform.

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