Event banners: B Travel helps you unwind


As summer and school holidays approach, B Travel unveils event banners in Madrid, a valuable asset to stand out and encourage Spaniards to go on vacation.

Blending the real world and the digital: an essential strategy

Regardless of its reputation, as a fully digital travel agency, it is always interesting to generate interest. The digital tourism sector is becoming increasingly competitive, with a growing number of players each year. Digital platforms have become facilitators for tourists: booking a flight, train, or accommodation has never been as simple as a few clicks.

Therefore, it is crucial to differentiate oneself and engage with the audience across various channels. Firstly, to be present throughout the day, on the path of one’s target audience. Secondly, to tailor the message to different media, revealing more or less information and visuals. The event banners serve as a key tool for external communication, aiming to inspire and reach people who are not glued to their screens. In essence, they create new gateways to B Travel’s booking platform.

The right time, the right place

As with any effective communication or marketing strategy, it is essential to be present at the right place and time. And undoubtedly, this is what B Travel has achieved by choosing our banners in Plaza Pedro Zerolo, in Madrid. This advertising campaign comes at the beginning of the summer season when people are choosing their holiday destinations if they haven’t already. Moreover, with the arrival of sunshine and longer days, the need to escape, recharge, and, in other words, go on vacation, becomes increasingly urgent.

With such visual images, it is clear that the objective is to inspire and take people on a journey through the banners. Additionally, the phrase “déjate llevar” (translation: let yourself go) encourages Spaniards to trust the brand that can take them where they need to be.

The brand thus targets a primarily Spanish audience in search of good times. The geographical choice is, therefore, wise, as this large banner are located in the heart of Madrid, near bars, hotels, and restaurants. Furthermore, they are situated near a heavily frequented area due to the proximity to Gran Via Avenue and the metro station of the same name. This recently renovated and reopened station receives 66,000 daily commuters, amounting to nearly 2 million passengers per month. All of these opportunities for B Travel to connect with its audience.

Summary of the article

  • Digital travel agency B Travel uses event banners to stand out and encourage Spaniards to go on vacation.
  • In an increasingly competitive digital tourism sector, it is essential to engage with the public across various channels to generate interest.
  • Event banners allow B Travel to reach people who are not constantly on their screens, creating new gateways to the agency’s booking platform.
  • B Travel has selected Plaza Pedro Zerolo in Madrid for its event banners, taking advantage of the beginning of the summer season when people plan their vacations. The location is central and close to frequented areas, increasing the chances of interactions with the public.
  • The brand specifically targets Spanish people who are looking to have a good time. The location of the event banners in Madrid, near bars, hotels, and restaurants, as well as their proximity to a heavily frequented metro station, offers numerous opportunities to connect with the target audience.

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