Spain: Dyson technology in XXL banner


In Spain, the British brand Dyson has taken advantage of our XXL banner to communicate its message. The renowned name in household appliances has been a regular on the communications scene since it was founded in the 90s, just as much as it has been a regular innovator. And to highlight one of its latest flagship products, Dyson has opted for a very large-format campaign in Madrid.

Communicate what you do

Dyson, the household appliance and beauty tool brand we all know, continues to communicate about its products. And more specifically about the Airwrap. The range, which has existed since 2018, was renewed in 2022 and arrived on the Spanish market during the first half of the previous year.

Through its beauty tool, the brand prides itself on being able to achieve a professional result, at home and without ruining the hair. And that’s what they emphase in their communication to convince the last reluctant customers. With a multi-channel strategy, the brand combines the XXL banner with social media and influencer communications to put its product back in the spotlight, a year after its launch.

A strategically chosen XXL banner

To boost sales, the brand opted for a very large format. It enables them to communicate on a mass and geo-targeted basis. In fact, it’s in the heart of Madrid, on Plaza de Alonzo Martinez, that Dyson draws attention to the brand and product.

It’s a strategically well-considered location, as the English brand aims for a target audience that is both financially comfortable and aware of the beauty market. The selected banner is opposite and close to art nouveau-style terraces and a number of historic cafés, but above all in an affluent neighbourhood, making it an ideal location. The Alonso Martinez district is considered a chic area of Madrid, where many fashion designers, politicians and lawyers live. Dyson fits in perfectly with the area, with its sleek, stylish design and for a comfortable audience.

Article one 5 key points:

  • Dyson, the British brand of household appliances and beauty tools, has chosen Madrid for its large-format advertising campaign.
  • The brand promotes its latest flagship product, the Airwrap, which promises professional results at home without damaging the hair.
  • Dyson’s communications strategy includes multi-platform channels, including an XXL banner in Madrid, combined with social networks and influencers.
  • The chosen location, Plaza de Alonzo Martinez in Madrid, is strategic as it targets a wealthy clientele that is sensitive to beauty products.
  • Dyson’s presence in this chic area of Madrid fits in perfectly with its sleek, stylish image, attracting a comfortable audience.

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