OOH Communication: Ford moves with its time


The famous car brand, Ford, chose OOH communication through giant banners and LED screens in Italy. In May, the brand launched its new campaign, which aims to boost the spending power of Italians through a special offer.

OOH communication : targeting the people of Milan

Ford decided to favour the Milanese, and more generally Italy, through a “promotion” and uses it as its main communication tool. The aim was to create a special offer that would appeal to Italian consumers and encourage them to invest in the brand’s electric or hybrid vehicles, without taking on too much debt. To promote this offer, Ford called on the expertise of DEFI Italia.

The offer was specifically about the ‘microtasso’ (which translates as mini rate), an initiative designed to encourage Italians to invest in electric vehicles, such as the Ford Puma hybrid. Thanks to this measure, potential buyers can take advantage of a reduced credit rate from 7.95% to just 2.95%, making the purchase of a car much more financially accessible.

To maximise the impact of their campaign and reach a wide range of audiences, Ford relied on DEFI to select the locations best suited to their needs. In this way, the brand communicated on several giant banners and LED screens in the streets of Milan. These were strategically placed in areas frequented by pedestrians and drivers in town, as well as along the main roads. This approach guaranteed maximum visibility for the brand and its special offers.

Communication in line with the economic context

Ford’s decision to adopt an approach focused on the purchasing power of Italian consumers was closely linked to the current economic context. The Covid-19 pandemic, the war in Ukraine and inflation have created a more difficult economic environment for many countries, including Italy.

In addition, environmental policies have become a vital and social priority. Consumers, like businesses, are increasingly aware of the impact of their consumption choices, including how they move but don’t always have the means to change.

Ford has therefore decided to focus its communications in this direction by promoting the purchase of its electric and hybrid vehicles through a significant reduction in the interest rate. In an economic climate marked by inflation and continually rising interest rates, the company has “taken the strategic decision to stimulate demand through a disruptive action: increasing the affordability of our cars through a significant reduction in the interest rate”, as they stated in a press release.

To sum up in 5 key points:

  • In Italy, Ford has chosen to use OOH communication for its campaign. This approach aims to boost the purchasing power of Italian consumers through an attractive special offer.
  • The campaign uses a number of large-format displays across Milan, targeting pedestrians and drivers for maximum visibility.
  • The campaign highlights the “microtasso” initiative to encourage Italians to invest in electric vehicles through a lower credit rate.
  • Ford’s decision to focus on the purchasing power of Italian consumers is in line with the current economic context, but also with the growing trend in favour of the environment.
  • By using giant banners, large-format LED screens and current societal issues, Ford is demonstrating its desire to keep in line with current events and the changing needs of consumers.

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