Virgin Active: a Response to Each of your Motivations


The pursuit of well-being, the desire for an active and healthy life, the aspiration for physical fulfillment—individual motivations vary. Virgin Active, recognizing this diversity, launched an Out-Of-Home (OOH) campaign in Italy, showcasing the variety of its offerings and services. This initiative unfolds in Milan through DEFI Italia.

Virgin Active is all about well-being

As a subsidiary of the Virgin Group, specializing in sports clubs, Virgin Active positions itself as a major global player in well-being. Operating in the UK and Italy in Europe, the company offers a diverse range of sports programs tailored to different profiles.

The campaign aims to promote the brand’s activities by inspiring people to adopt a healthier, more active lifestyle. The underlying idea is that each individual has a unique motivation, and Virgin Active has a corresponding program for each of them.

A targeted strategy

In Italy, Virgin Active has just over thirty sites, including about ten in Milan. Through DEFI Italia, the Italian subsidiary, the sports club has carefully selected locations in the Washington neighborhood in Milan, known for its residential character.

The choice of these locations is strategic on two levels. Firstly, the geolocation of the devices, located on Via Egadi and Via Carlo Ravizza, benefits from high pedestrian and automotive traffic due to their strategic positions on main axis. Secondly, Virgin Active has a club almost equidistant from these two locations, effectively targeting a local audience residing near these facilities.

In summary, Virgin Active’s OOH campaign in Italy follows a strategic approach, highlighting the diversity of its programs and services while effectively capturing the attention of a local audience eager for well-being and physical activity.

The article in short

Virgin Active’s OOH campaign in Italy highlights the diversity of its offerings and services, emphasizing its commitment to well-being. The goal is to inspire everyone to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle, recognizing that each individual has a unique motivation. The Italian subsidiary, DEFI Italia, strategically selected locations in the Washington neighborhood in Milan, a residential sector. These sites, positioned on high-traffic routes, aim to maximize visibility for pedestrians and motorists while capturing a local audience residing near Virgin Active clubs.

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