Protect This House, a Giant Campaign for Under Armour


You may have already seen or heard the phrase from the Under Armour brand: “Protect this House” – an anthem that embodies and shares the values of sport. The brand brings back this expression in an advertising campaign, targeting a specific audience: the new generation. This unfolds notably in a noteworthy event in Barcelona.

Protect This House: an iconic slogan

In 2002, the sportswear brand Under Armour first launched “Protect This House,” an iconic rallying cry for athletes to believe in themselves, take pride, and push their limits for greatness. Over 20 years later, Under Armour rekindles this famous campaign, aiming to resonate with a new generation.

Originally from Baltimore, USA, the initial Under Armour campaigns showcased American football athletes. In this latest initiative, the brand seeks to spotlight basketball athletes, addressing a new generation of talents, including both men and women like Aliyah Boston and Bryson Tucker. This communication aims to foster a sense of unity and team performance, transcending the individualistic approach of 2002, reflecting the current mindset focused on “we” rather than “me.”

An international and multichannel campaign

For the revival of this iconic campaign, Under Armour has adopted a comprehensive and diverse strategy globally. In the US, TV advertisements featuring young basketball stars dominate. In Europe, the emphasis is on football and the passion for sports across various formats.

Iberdefi, the Spanish branch of DEFI Group, collaborated with Under Armour to create a massive event canvas in the heart of Barcelona. With a festive visual depicting English football team players, this canvas embodies the sense of team cohesion and unity through the celebration of the game.

By choosing this type of media, the brand integrates into the daily lives of its audience while sharing its mantra with a broad audience. Located in the center of Barcelona, this visual arouses curiosity among those unfamiliar with the brand while fostering a sense of belonging among sports and brand enthusiasts.

Summary in 3 key points:

  • “Protect This House” from Under Armour, launched in 2002, remains a rallying cry for athletes, inspiring them to believe in themselves and push their limits.
  • In the US, the current campaign targets the new generation by showcasing basketball athletes, marking a shift from the previous promotion of American football players. In Europe, the communication focus is on football and the passion for sports.
  • In Barcelona, thanks to the collaboration with Iberdefi (a DEFI Group subsidiary), Under Armour successfully highlights its campaign on a giant event canvas, creating a significant impact on a broad audience.

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