Sixt large-format campaign: You’re the Boss!


SIXT large-format campaign in Porte de Clignancourt, Paris, is extra visible and making an impact, this October. With an imposing surface area of 175 m², this gigantic banner captures the attention of passers-by and sends out a key message: “Go to work with the boss’s car”.

Objectives and impact

The campaign aims to highlight a unique opportunity offered by SIXT: the chance to drive a luxury BMW 7 Series at great rates by opting for car hire. It highlights the idea that you can drive like the boss, without being the boss, by allowing everyone to enjoy the experience of a luxury car.

Situated at the heart of the capital’s busiest roads, this advertising banners generates a major impact. Visible from the Paris inner ring road, it reaches around 1.5 million contacts per month, reaching a vast audience of motorists, particularly those travelling to and from major company headquarters.

The campaign is clear and hard-hitting: an imposing BMW 7 Series in close-up, accompanied by the phrase “Go to work with the boss’s car,” displayed in black letters on the iconic SIXT orange background. The brand logo sits proudly on the left-hand side of the banner, reinforcing SIXT’s presence in the minds of passers-by.

In the world of SIXT, you are the boss

This campaign perfectly embodies the spirit of SIXT, which emphasises the idea that anyone can feel powerful, like a boss, behind the wheel of a luxurious BMW 7 Series. It’s not just a car, it’s an experience, a privilege, and SIXT makes it accessible to everyone.

The advertising banner is part of a wider marketing strategy in which the concept of “You’re the boss” is at the heart of SIXT’s communication. The visual and message can be found on various channels, including social networks, reinforcing the brand’s visibility.

5 Key points of the SIXT campaign

  • An impressive banner: with 175m² of surface, this campaign captures the attention of all passers-by at Porte de Clignancourt.
  • Drive the boss’s car: SIXT promotes the idea that anyone can feel like the boss by driving a luxurious BMW 7 Series.
  • Affordable access: car hire allows everyone to experience a luxury car at low rates. And the campaign is optimally targeted at a busy section of the Paris ring road.
  • Major impact: the campaign reaches an impressive audience, with around 1.5 million monthly contacts.
  • A coherent marketing strategy: this campaign is part of a wider strategy in which the “You’re the boss” concept is at the heart of SIXT’s communication, reinforcing the brand’s visibility.

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