PKP Intercity takes a bold approach with extra-large communication


Nestled in the heart of Warsaw, on the heights of the Polish capital, the railway transport company PKP Intercity has chosen to amplify its presence with an extensive communication campaign. Last October, the company opted for an Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisement to extend the benefits of its special offer to the city’s residents.

Building connections through advertising

PKP Intercity stands as one of Poland’s largest railway companies. From ticket sales to train management, their range of services is comprehensive. Constantly in contact with the Polish population, this interaction is even reflected in their communication approach.

In October, the brand decided to address its audience directly, both figuratively and concretely. Figuratively, through large-format communication combined with other channels, PKP Intercity informed its customers and future travelers that over a million low-cost tickets would be available in October. This promotional action aims to simplify purchases for users in an inflationary context.

Concretely, the brand selected a strategic location in the heart of the city, in a high-traffic area. Close to the Wars Sawa Junior shopping center, public transportation hubs (metro, bus, and tram), and facing the Palace of Culture and Science, PKP Intercity reaches a diverse audience. Opting for an Out-of-Home (OOH) advertisement allows the company to position itself as close as possible to its target audience when they are outside their homes.

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