A PVC-Free Advertising Banner for Hisense


Electronics and home appliance brand Hisense takes its first steps on the Parisian ring road with DEFI Group. To maximize its potential and brand image, Hisense opts for a multichannel communication approach, notably through a large, durable giant banner free of PVC, throughout the year!

Giant banner 100% PVC-Free for Hisense on the Bon the Ring Road, in Paris- DEFI Group

A XXL communication in Hisense Colours

Hisense, a Chinese brand specialising in home appliances and electronics, has been a leader in China for 15 years and entered the French market in 2015. Focused on providing the latest technologies affordably to the general public, Hisense aims to establish a close connection with its audience. Over the years, to support this approach, the brand has developed a sports sponsorship strategy. Perhaps you’ve already noticed them as sponsors of Euro 2020?

Why opt for a PVC-free banner?

In order to diversify its communication channels, Hisense, whose communication is usually more focused on television and display, is now moving towards offline and event communication through a very large banner. To enhance its visibility during key moments, Hisense has decided to concentrate its communication over two quarters, for the three planned campaigns in 2024. This will allow them to showcase both their products and their participation in major events such as Euro 2024.

Given the current context, which encourages a rethink of our communication methods, both on the advertiser and advertising agency sides, DEFI Group can use PVC-free banners on the Parisian ring road due to the nature of the materials used.

Thus, with the ambition to change our working methods, both in the office and at the heart of our products, we have decided to systematically install PVC-free banners for the Hisense brand.

What advantages?

These PVC-free banners, technically designated as Pure Banner by our partner Mediagraphic, are primarily made of polypropylene, making them ideal for fitting into a circular economy. They offer an alternative to traditional PVC banners without compromising on resistance or quality. Moreover, they have a considerable advantage over traditional PVC banners by effectively resisting extreme temperatures.

This banner allows Hisense to ensure quality communication on a giant scale while minimising its environmental impact. Once the advertising campaign is completed, the banner is then sent to Veolia centres for complete recycling and transformation. An optimised life cycle contributing to a campaign with reduced impact.

Do you wish to communicate sustainably?

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