Targeted communication: the case

TARGETED COMMUNICATION: THE AVOCAT.FR CASE chooses large format outdoor advertising for targeted communication. Thanks to illuminated advertising and advertising banners, the institution seeks to improve its reputation among a specific audience.

A strategy for public good

The Conseil National des Barreaux (French National Council of Bars), also known as CNB or, is an institution representing the legal profession in France and abroad. It is a public utility institution that fulfils several types of missions such as lobbying public authorities or promoting lawyers to the general public.

As part of the latter mission, the institution has launched several information and communication campaigns through various platforms. After social networks and television, the Conseil National des Barreaux has chosen spectacular outdoor advertising as a means of visibility. In particular, through a long-term campaign in illuminated advertising.

Targeted communication for optimised brand awareness

One of the main advantages of large format OOH, in addition to allowing a campaign qualified as mass media, is the ability to target the audience geographically. OOH therefore allows brands to communicate in a precise, relevant manner and at any time to a well-defined geographical target. This advantage has never been so well illustrated as with the luminous advertising.

Indeed, the institution aims, through its communications, to reach people who have or would need a lawyer in their dealings. By choosing the Porte de Clichy location, the Conseil National des Barreaux give themselves the opportunity of a premium communication by facing the Paris Court of Justice. An ideal location to develop their reputation and create a proximity with the audience that would need them.

A plan that is part of a wider media mix adds to the illuminated advertising a banner that will be displayed occasionally on the Paris ring road. Thanks to a clear and precise message, the banner allows them to extend their reach to a wider geographical target, in continuity with a wider media plan.

Key points to remember:

  • The Conseil National des Barreaux is an institution that promotes the profession of lawyer in France and abroad.
  • One of their missions is to inform and communicate on the practices and services available.
  • With the help of an illuminated advertisement, Porte de Clichy, the institution communicates in front of the Paris Court of Justice and can, therefore, precisely target its core audience.
  • In order to optimise brand awareness and create engagement, the CNB also integrates advertising banners into its media mix, which carries a precise message.

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