Xanlite advertising banner: the perfect complement to a 360° strategy


March 2023 announces the start of a new Xanlite advertising banner. A large-format communication that is part of a greater media plan that seeks to call attention to LED technology. A medium to be found at Porte de Clichy, in Paris.

Since 2018, the brand Xanlite, a major French player in the manufacture and distribution of LED lighting products, has trusted DEFI Group for their large format communications on the Paris ring road. The brand communicates through a double media: illuminated advertising and LED backlit advertising banners. Recently, they decided to change their banner and thus renew their communication, showing a desire to continue to offer an impactful advertising message, in line with current events.

A large format banner for increased visibility

This advertising banner on the Paris ring road provides Xanlite with strong exposure. It allows them to reach a very large audience, day and night, thanks to its size and strategic location on the outer ring road. A location that allows to reach approximately 2.35 million potential contacts per month.

The Xanlite advertising banner: an impactful and topical message

By changing its banner, the French LED lighting brand is tackling a topical issue: energy saving. Indeed, through a visual that states “I love LEDs” and a big amount of coins falling, the brand asserts its identity.

Proudly driving the LED technology for many years, Xanlite reminds users of the device that it can help them. In particular, to save energy through their lighting devices, in a context where electricity is expensive and any option to spend less is worth taking.

Through this banner, the brand continues to emphasise its ambition to improve the quality of life of its current and future customers. Since the 2000s, Xanlite has been committed to LEDs and is thus at the heart of the environmental and energy modernisation debate. As a reminder, LEDs consume much less energy and guarantee a longer lifespan.

Outdoor advertising as an effective marketing tool

Large format outdoor advertising is a very effective marketing tool for companies looking to increase their visibility to the general public. Large format advertising banners, such as the one from Xanlite, offer a high level of brand visibility, while delivering a powerful and effective advertising message. This, combined with illuminated advertising, doubles the impact of recall with the audience.

At DEFI Group, we are convinced that outdoor advertising is an essential tool for companies seeking to increase their visibility, by being anchored in the daily lives of an audience. We work closely with our clients to develop tailor-made advertising solutions, adapted to their needs and budget.

To remember:

  • The Xanlite advertising banner on the Paris ring road is a high-impact advertising solution, offering high visibility for the brand and enabling it to broadcast a powerful and effective advertising message to a very wide audience.
  • The change of this large format banner shows the brand’s desire to continue to offer an advertising message in line with current trends, while reinforcing its visibility to the general public.
  • At DEFI Group, we are proud to have been working with the Xanlite brand since 2018 to provide bespoke solutions tailored to their needs.

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