Advertising banner: Gucci x Cannes Festival


Like every year, cinema stars gathered in Cannes for its famous international festival. Gucci, a Kering group brand, was able to communicate on a giant advertising banner for the duration of the event. A golden opportunity to be seen and seen well!

Two great names meet

The Italian luxury house, which is used to large-format event communications, selected our banner on the Old Harbour of Cannes. During the famous Cannes Film Festival, which ran from 16 to 27 May, DEFI Group gave the event’s partners the opportunity to communicate on a giant canvas. The Kering Group brand was quick to seize the opportunity, using a visual reminiscent of the walk up the steps and the many flashbulbs photographing the stars.

The Cannes Festival welcomes over 230,000 people and film celebrities for ten days. It’s a chance for brands to be extra visible! It’s a name that’s known and recognised by both the French population and international audiences. That’s why Gucci has chosen this banner, to continue to associate its name with emblematic places and events, and so become anchored in the memory of audiences.

A strategic site

Cannes is the city in the south of France that epitomises charm and prestige. Every year, this key location of the Côte d’Azur welcomes 3 million visitors to its fine sandy beaches and famous Croisette. It’s a dynamic city, thanks to its many events and idyllic location.

The Gucci advertising banner is strategically located on the Old Harbour of Cannes. It faces the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, which hosts the Cannes Film Festival. The Vieux-Port is an emblematic site in the city, marking the start of the Croisette promenade, as well as being in direct proximity to the Casino, the Town Hall and the Rue d’Antibes – a busy shopping street.

By communicating on this prestigious location, Gucci speaks to an audience that is as much tourist and international as it is local, but that is also rather affluent and CSP++ (Socio-professional category).

An ephemeral advertising banner

The banner is installed on the Old Harbour as part of renovation work on the building it covers. DEFI Group is responsible for the installation and management of the advertising banners and decor covering the scaffolding for the duration of the works, i.e. until 2024. Each advertisement triggers a financial contribution to the renovation of the listed building.

5 key points to sum up the article:

  • Gucci used a giant advertising banners on the Old Harbour of Cannes during the famous Film Festival.
  • The Cannes Festival is a world-famous event and attracts a national and international audience, with a potential of more than 230,000 views over the 10 days.
  • The Gucci advertising banner is located on the Old Harbour of Cannes, opposite the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, where the festival takes place.
  • It was installed as part of the renovation work on the building. DEFI Group is managing the installation of the decor and the advertising covering the scaffolding until 2024. The advertising revenue will contribute to the renovation of the building, which is a listed historic monument.
  • Thanks to this advertising banners, Gucci benefits from visibility at a world-famous event, reinforces its brand image and contributes financially to the renovation of a historic monument.

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