Intimissimi campaign: a European strategy


Madrid, Milan, Paris, etc… The Intimissimi lingerie brand has chosen to advertise in various European cities. The campaign is all finesse, lightness and softness, and forms part of a wider strategic plan in the colours of Italy.

The Dolce Vita

Italian lingerie brand Intimissimi, a household name in the vast majority of European countries, has launched its campaign for the Spring/Summer 2023 collection. To best represent the brand, which is part of the Calzedonia group, it has chosen a real, natural muse : Jennifer Lopez.

The new ambassador, known for being constantly natural despite her celebrity status and forher love of Italy, poses for the brand. Whether wearing fine, colourful, floral lingerie or elegant kimonos, J.Lo represents the Italian art of living with an obvious taste for Dolce Vita. “I’m real, what you get is what you see”, as Jennifer Lopez said 22 years ago. It’s a phrase that the Intimissimi brand is seeking to make shine in its new campaign.

The brand brings Jennifer Lopez to life in an intimate, brightly coloured campaign set in an Italian décor that perfectly represents the company and its muse.

A multi-country campaign for Intimissimi

The brand has chosen to communicate in at least six European countries, including Spain and Italy, for DEFI Group. The aim of this high-profile campaign is to reach as many women as possible across Europe.

In Italy, for example, the brand has strategically chosen Milan, the capital of fashion, to communicate. By selecting a number of locations in the city, Intimissimi is able to communicate with motorists, pedestrians, tourists and residents of the surrounding suburbs. In Madrid, Spain, the brand selected one of our XXL sites in the heart of the famous Gran Via. A shopping and tourist street known for its many shops and emblematic buildings. This multi-country, multi-format campaign offers Intimissimi numerous opportunities for visibility.

Sum up of the article in 5 key points:

  • Lingerie brand Intimissimi launched its campaign for the spring-summer 2023 collection, highlighting the Italian art of living and the concept of Dolce Vita.
  • Jennifer Lopez has been chosen as the brand’s image because of her naturalness and her love of Italy.
  • The campaign took place in several European cities, aiming to reach a large female audience.
  • Intimissimi is using advertising in strategic locations such as Milan and Madrid to maximise visibility.
  • The campaign has an intimate, colourful feel, with Italian settings that perfectly represent the company and its muse.

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