UPC brand sees double in Poland

The Polish brand UPC sees double and settles in the heights of Warsaw

In Warsaw, Poland, the telecom brand UPC is taking over the city’s heights. Indeed, you will be able to find these two superb Skysigns for a long-term campaign.

UPC Skysign in Bagnos, Warsaw, Poland

In the course of 2021, the UPC brand has invested in two superb long-term campaigns. The first Skysign was installed in the Srodmiescie Polnocne district in the city centre.

Its strategic location right next to the Swietokrzyska metro station, near the Palace of Culture and Science and a high-traffic road, is ideal.

The second Skysign is not far from the first. If you walk down the street towards the Centrum metro station and stand on the main shopping street, you won’t miss it.

There too, the brand enjoys spectacular exposure, facing a cultural and historical monument and on a high traffic road, popular with both drivers and pedestrians.

UPC Giga City Skysign in Widok, Warsaw, Poland

Why communicate with illuminated advertising, when you are already a well-known brand?

If you are not Polish, you may not be aware of the UPC brand. It is not new. In fact, it is the largest provider of digital cable TV and one of the largest Internet providers in Poland. So why use illuminated advertising to communicate?

Simply to reaffirm your position. It’s a great way to be visible to everyone, at all times, and to remain the top-of-mind brand in your sector! In the same way that brands like Coca-Cola or Uber would communicate with illuminated advertising.

Moreover, as you will notice, one of the Skysigns essentially represents the logo of the brand while the second also highlights one of the UPC offers. The two Skysigns are therefore complementary!

Bonus: we offer you a superb timelapse view of the UPC Skysign!

Timelapse UPC Skysign in Bagnos, Polond

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