DERATPRO: conquering Paris

DERATPRO sets out to conquer Paris

The pest control company, DERATPRO, has launched its large-scale campaign on the Paris ring road since the beginning of 2022.

Advertising campaign Deratpro Kremlin Bicetre - DEFI group

The Parisian ring road is a very busy road, it is even the most visited road in Europe! DERATPRO has decided to make the most of these advantages by communicating on the South/South-East part of Paris during the first quarter, and then on the entire ring road thereafter.

Indeed, you will be able to find the two banners near Porte d’Italie and Porte St Mandée. The campaign started beginning of January and will run intermittently until the end of August 2022.

The hunt for pests is on! Through a clear and direct visual, the company is, of course, working on awareness, but it is also seeking engagement from its audience.

The DERATPRO campaign makes great sense on the Paris ring road thanks to these locations. Indeed, as the traffic is regularly congested during rush hours, the brand benefits from a high exposure time.

Campaign Deratpro St Mandé - DEFI group

Would you like to know more about these banners?

Citywall Porte d’Italie

Located between Porte d’Orléans and Porte de Bercy and close to major roads such as the A6, this banner is visible in both directions.

Its dense and slow traffic during rush hours ensures a spectacular visibility:

  • 11,250,000 monthly contacts
  • 250,000 vehicles per day

And a banner with extraordinary dimensions – 360m² – to let the creativity flow.

Citywall Porte St Mandé

This smaller banner -226m²- also benefits from the high traffic of the Parisian southern ring road , close to the A4 and A6.

By communicating on this Citywall, advertisers are visible to the 165,000 vehicles that pass by every day, making 8,415,000 contacts per month.

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