Greenpeace Goes Viral In Madrid!


January 2022 – The international association Greenpeace strikes again and raises awareness in Madrid with a campaign on industrial farming.

Last January, Greenpeace activists decided to communicate on our huge citywall in Madrid. A communication that defends a noble cause: the closure of industrial farms. In short, the discussion about this industry has entered the public debate, but some people claim that they don’t exist. On the contrary, the association claims that they do exist and that they contribute greatly to climate change as well as being cruel and unbearable.

The banner is composed of two parts. Firstly, a gigantic surface with a yellow background and a single sentence: “Las macro granjas no existen” – translation: industrial farms do not exist. Then, at the bottom right, there is a QR code. Anyone curious enough to scan the QR code was redirected to an online petition. A simple-looking campaign, but one that arouses curiosity!

What are the advantages of doing this type of communication?

The benefits are numerous! Combining digital campaigns, on social networks, with a spectacular event format makes it possible to generate a high level of engagement.

Indeed, in addition to surprising, arousing curiosity or revolting, this communication, of extraordinary dimensions, is making the news!

In fact, many local newspapers such as Info Libre, El Diario, Público, 20 Minutos relayed the information, thus generating a dialogue and creating visibility on a national scale.

This banner, located in the heart of Madrid, perfectly meets the association’s need for visibility for this campaign. It will also have helped to create commitment to the Spanish Greenpeace petition.

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