Dior Campaigns On Our Digital Screens In Spain


Luxury brand Dior campaigns in Madrid for its perfume Miss Dior. Benefiting from DEFI Group’s digital screens, the brand was visible between December and January.

Represented by the talented Nathalie Portman, Dior has decided to bring back one of its iconic fragrances: Miss Dior. The eau de parfum, with its flowery scent, inspires happiness, delicacy and comfort.

Dior decided to reinvent this fragrance in a spectacular way. So, what better way than to show it off in a spectacular way. The brand took advantage of our screens in the centre of Madrid to showcase its new product to the people of Madrid.

These screens are located on the Gran Via avenue, between Plaza de España and Plaza del Callao, and are key to communicating with a target audience that is in motion, whether by car or on foot. A strategic location that allows to reach a large audience.

By communicating on the screens of the Lope de Vega Theatre, Dior benefits from a strong diurnal and nocturnal impact, in a popular area for shopping, among other things. This solution offers a 360° visibility and a creative scope of 135sqm.

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