Large format OOH and social networks: is it compatible?


You may wonder if including large format OOH in your communication plan is a good solution or not. In this article, we will explain how DEFI Group believes this media is complementary to digital solutions.

Find out, below, why out-of-home large format advertising is compatible with the digital world and especially social networks.

Large format OOH: a generator of emotions

By communicating in unique formats, brands can convey messages and share ideas to generate emotions. Specifically on social networks. This media is great to create discussions around the face of a brand or the message expressed.

The aim of out-of-home spectacular advertising is to surprise, to leave a memory, to amuse or to shock the audience. Whatever the objective, playing the originality card allows you to be remarkable and memorable, in the short and long term.

“To feel is to reflect, to remember”

Alain, Propos sur le bonheur

Large format OOH: an everyday media

Illuminated advertisings or advertising banners are part of our daily lives. They belong to landscapes of large European cities, and usually on major roads. Their spectacular size makes them impossible to miss and gives brands visibility at all times.

In fact, it is an opportunity for brands to be present in the many photos taken during sporting events, political events, solidarity events, etc. But also, it is an opportunity to be recognise as a well-known element of a city, like in Paris on the ring road or in Milan on the Duomo square.

A media that complements your strategy

When combined with a solid communication strategy, spectacular OOH adds a touch of grandeur and creativity. It also allows you to target an audience locally and thus connect your brand to the real world while generating visibility on the Internet.

Thus, many benefits that make large format OOH mass medium, a unique opportunity for your communication strategies.

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