Rebranding: new illuminated logo for Pru


The savings and investment company Prudential becomes Pru! For the occasion, the brand changes its illuminated logo, in Warsaw.

Recently, the former Prudential brand of the British group M&G has begun a new stage in its history. Indeed, the brand has changed its name, turning Prudential into Pru. A change that requires a mass communication to its customers but also to the European public. In that way, in Poland, they bet for the second time on our illuminated advertisings.

For several years, Prudential had its illuminated logo established in Warsaw. The rebranding action, carried out by the company, therefore required a change on the part of DEFI. For the next few years, it will be possible to see the new three illuminated letters and the orange logo of the brand on the heights and periphery of Warsaw.

This illuminated advertisement has an incredible exposure of more than 500 meters away. Its position is particularly interesting for all drivers heading towards the center of Warsaw. With an average of 100,000 cars per day, the brand benefits a high visibility and a high repetition rate.

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