Event banner: a solution to cover a corporate site


The HLA hospital group, in Spain, chose to install a blank event banner to cover its renovation works. This was then topped with a unique hand-painted artwork for an extraordinary and impactful look.

A project of great size

The Spanish hospital group HLA consist of 17 hospitals and more than 36 medical centres across Spain. And by the end of 2022, they plan to add another facility to the list. In order to carry out the work in complete peace, the group decided to call on several players, including DEFI Group, to cover the scaffolding.

DEFI Group installed a blank banner of over 700m². Then,the artist Sfhir was able to create this gigantic work called “El sueño de Inès”, meaning “The dream of Inès” in English. To discover the behind-the-scenes process, we invite you to visit the artist’s Instagram.

Who is Sfhir?

Sfhir is a well-known Spanish artist whose work is mainly focused on graffiti. Since 1995, the artist has been creating works of all sizes using a variety of techniques that also allow him to create hyperrealism. The human being and nature are themes that are often found in his work.

Event banners are not just about advertising

Often event banners are equated with the advertising banner. And that’s quite normal, as it usually is. However, it should not be forgotten that it can also be used for decorative and informative purposes at a company site.

The company undertaking the renovations chose to cover the scaffolding and use the opportunity to communicate. The event banner therefore allows a message to be conveyed about what is about to open. But also about the future news or the values of the establishment.

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