How to generate leads on the Paris ring road?


Discover the 2016 Just Eat use case, previously called Allo Resto.

The fast food delivery brand decided in 2016 to test the effectiveness of their communication. A campaign launched on the Paris ring road.

The main objective of the campaign was to generate engagement while increasing awareness.

The campaign took place over 4 weeks on our Porte de Clichy facility*. Each week the brand alternated between brand communication and interactive communication with two promotional codes. 

What do we learn from this campaign?

A very high engagement rate in the first round of the campaign (two weeks) with 28.6% of new customers and 1152 uses of the promo code.

In total, over 4 weeks, Allo Resto won 557 new customers. The acquisition was mainly made thanks to two promotional codes, offered on different periods.

This campaign allowed the Pure-Player to increase its awareness and acquisition rate, while increasing its turnover. 

*Previously the device was an LED screen. It has now been replaced by a 172sqm canvas

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