Euro-Assurance aims for power with advertising banners


Euro-Assurance bets on advertising banners around the Paris ring road to carry out its communication strategy. A monopole allowing a combination of power and visibility of the ring road for an optimal memorization.

3 advertising banners for maximum impact

The brand chose to use our three banners on the Paris ring road to get its message across. This type of communication meets several objectives. Let us explain which ones:

  • Gaining visibility: this objective may seem obvious, but it is completely well thought out. Indeed, the brand is campaigning on several media, on an occasional and permanent basis. Whether it is through the advertising banner and illuminated advertising in Paris and Lyon, with DEFI Group, or through television advertising. In any way, these different media, including banners, allow them to be visible at any time.
  • Reassurance: Euro-Assurance is a 100% online brand. It offers many insurance products and the procedures are carried out entirely via the Internet. This is very practical and fast for someone who does not want to visit a physical agency. However, this can also be a source of mistrust on the part of users. So, reconnecting with the real world, through traditional advertising, helps to reassure an audience. And of course, to make yourself better known to everyone.
  • Getting a message across: the world of insurance is big and there are many players. How to determine which player to choose? Who is best suited to your needs? It is often complicated to know. These advertising banners, combined with illuminated advertising, make it possible to become a “top-of-mind” brand, thanks to repetition. But also to talk about your products and news to an audience directly concerned by what you offer.

The ideal place to communicate

Euro-Assurance offers insurance solutions. In particular, insurance for motorists, for two-wheelers and for scooters. Thus, selecting our three banners of the Paris ring road makes sense: “communicate where your target is”.

As a consequence, the brand generates a total coverage of this main axis, being present in the North, East and South West of Paris. And thus, can potentially reach up to 1.1 million people per day.

Would you like to communicate on our advertising banners?

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