Calzedonia advertising banners in Hungary, Italy and Spain


Strong communication for the Calzedonia brand, with several advertising banners, in several European cities, to advertise their swimsuit collections.

The Italian fashion brand launched its summer communication campaign between May and June. Calzedonia has shops all over the world. To promote their swimsuit collections, they entrusted DEFI Group with large advertising banners in Hungary, Italy and Spain.

First, in Hungary in May. The brand was displayed on two high-traffic roads in the centre of the capital. Then, in June, Calzedonia communicated in Italy and Spain. Different visuals, different countries, but a similar objective: to highlight its swimwear collections.

In Spain, Calzedonia even collaborated with the Spanish influencer and face for this campaign, Maria Pombo. A campaign that created conversation on social networks, like Instagram and with the influencer herself.

In Hungary and Italy, the communication remains more classical with similar visuals. We could count two monumental banners in Budapest, Hungary and about fifteen of various sizes across Milan, Italy.

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