Illuminated signs: why use them for your brand?


Enhancing your brand image through illuminated signs: yes. But for what reasons?

Do you have a shop in town? Is your business located near a busy road or visible from a high traffic area? Or do you simply want to make your business more visible? Then illuminated signs are for you.

What is the difference between illuminated advertisings and illuminated signs?

Illuminated advertisings can be placed on a building rented by DEFI Group. While the illuminated sign is installed on the building owned by the brand in question.

The objective of illuminated advertising is to contribute, over the long term, to the notoriety of a brand and to enable it to build a statutory image, in a particular city, with a particular target.

Of course, this can also be achieved with illuminated signs. However, its main advantage is the possibility of making its premises visible by day and night. The brand’s headquarters or establishment can thus be easily identified by drivers or pedestrians, depending on the location.

Why choose DEFI Group to install your logo?

DEFI is Europe’s leading illuminated advertising expert. We are able to build a tailor-made project to meet the needs of a brand. From design development, to production, to installation, we take care of everything. In addition, we offer you continuous maintenance of your illuminated sign: time saving and quality assured.

In order to optimise your communication and in accordance with the space available, it is also possible to combine a banner or window stickers with your illuminated sign. A guaranteed impact and optimised communication!

All of our advertising logos and signs uses LED technology, resulting in lower energy consumption and no heat loss. Benefits for the environment that we explain in this article.

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