In Spain, BBVA Helps You With Your Carbon Footprint


Last month, the Spanish banking company BBVA led a campaign on our digital screens in Spain. In fact, they were communicating nationwide to sensibilise on carbon footprint.

BBVA Campaign- Digital Screen in Cordoba

In a world where every little action counts to improve our environment, BBVA also believes to have a role to play. Hence, in addition to including it in their daily strategy, the banking institution created an app for its customers to use. The goal: read its customers’ bills to distinguish their energy costs and thus, calculate the equivalent in carbon dioxide emissions (CO2). On top of that, based on the results, they offer personalized advice to save energy and money!

In order to promote their new app, BBVA started a one-month nationwide advertising campaign. What is more, the campaign helps raise awareness on that topic, as well as influences Spanish people to turn their old habits into more sustainable ones.

The 10 seconds spot was live on all different DEFI screens across the country. Hence, the people from Madrid, Bilbao, Valencia, Malaga, or even Cordoba were exposed to it. In this respect, it generated huge visibility for the brand.

Using our Spectacular Digital Screens is an excellent way to raise awareness or trigger engagement, like downloading an app.

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