Assu2000: Domination it is!


The insurance brand Assu2000, part of the Vilavi group, is betting on a communication that makes a statement. Three canvases located at the north, east and south ends of Paris for a total coverage of the Parisian ring road.

For many years now, we have been proud to accompany Assu2000 in its corporate communication. With the famous Denis Brogniart as its ambassador, the brand claims loud and clear its proximity to its audience, through an insurance accessible to all.

With the aim of being as visible as possible, the brand has chosen to combine our 3 devices to make it a tool of domination. By displaying itself in the north, east and south of Paris, Assu2000 offers itself an exceptional visibility to a large automobile target, all around the Parisian ring road.

The ingenuity of this campaign lies in its strategy: to invest in the Paris ring road 3 times a year and to combine this communication with other channels, such as television. Why is this ingenious? Assu2000 makes sure that they are visible everywhere and at any time, to a Parisian target, by playing on repetition!

Learn more about our permanent banners

Our permanent ring road banners offer you an impactful visual imprint. And, when taken together, it’s an opportunity to conquer the Paris ring road and its 1.4 million monthly users.

1. NORTH- Porte de Clignancourt
2. EAST- Porte de Saint-Mandé
3. SOUTH- Porte d’Italie

Finally, in addition to bringing exceptional visibility to your brand, their spectacular sizes allow you to give free rein to your creativity!

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