Large format advertising – summer 2022 news


The Summer holidays being over, large format advertising is back! Even if in reality, it never really stopped. In fact, we’ve decided to give you a rundown of the summer 2022 campaigns. There are also many opportunities available for the last months of the year.

July news

Spain, still as spectacular as ever

Large-format advertising for Uber in Spain

The VTC brand, Uber, has personalised its large-format advertisement to speak to the people of Madrid. A fun communication that invites people to let themselves be transported through the city.

Giant banner advertising for Prime Video in Madrid, Spain

To promote the release of the documentary series on the life of Dulceida, a Spanish influencer, Prime Video chose our giant banner. An impactful visual on a pink background, where we discover the blogger, “al desnudo” (naked).

Large format advertisement to promote the Barça Stadium Tour & Museum of FC Barcelona.

The renowned FC Barcelona was in its own city to promote the Barça Stadium Tour & Museum. An experience to tour the famous Camp Nou and discover the history of FC Barcelona.

Italy works in network

Large format communication for Gleeden in Italy.

Gleeden continues to communicate in the streets of Milan. Through a network of large-format banners, the brand called on individuals not to be bored in their intimate lives.

Zity communicates in large format advertising in Milan

No emission, no problem. This is the motto of Zity. After starting business in Italy in May, the brand launched a communication campaign in network, inviting the Milanese to download the application in exchange for a €10 credit.

Between the city centre and the ring road, our heart oscillates, in France

advertising banner for David Yurman in Paris

David Yurman officially moved to Paris in July. For the occasion, the brand included our scaffolding banner in its communication strategy.

Large format banner for EuroAssurance on the Paris Ring Road

Euroassurance once again ensured itself maximum visibility on the Paris ring road. By covering the North, East and South of Paris, the brand was unmissable. This communication action was repeated three times during the year.

August news

The cinema industry get itself a giant poster in Spain

Sony Entertainment banner for the Dragon Ball Super film, in Barcelona.

For the release of the film Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Sony Picture Entertainment selected large format advertising. In the centre of Barcelona, near various busy places, they reminded the date of release, on September 2nd.

We talk about technology in Hungary

Large format advertising banner in Hungary for the Lenovo brand

In Hungary, Lenovo is reaching out to the Budapest gaming community. By communicating on a large-format banner, the brand highlights its latest gaming laptop. A location in the heart of the city with an incredible visibility of several meters.

All about long-term advertising in Poland

Advertising banners for two premium seafood restaurants in Warsaw, Poland

It is in the vibrant shopping district, Śródmieście Północne, close to Centrum station and the Palace of Culture & Science that two premium seafood restaurants advertise on a long-term banner.

In France, we talk about caritative work, but not only

Caritative banner for the Cité Universitaire International of Paris for Ukraine

In order to help the Cité Internationale Universitaire de Paris to raise funds for its project in favour of Ukraine, we have graciously installed a large banner. An action aiming at financing the reception of Ukrainian students and researchers.

Large-format advertising banner for Deezer in Paris France

As part of its 360° campaign in France and Europe, Deezer communicates through music. How can music change perceptions or emotions? An interesting theme to discover by scanning the associated QR code.

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